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adaptive leadership

The world around us is constantly changing. Only agile organizations manage to hold their own in these complex and ever-changing times. Being result oriented just won’t do anymore. The key lies in adaptive leadership. Adaptive leaders stimulate a transparent and open way of working together. They create a workspace based on an organization-wide vision that is shared at all levels of hierarchy and common goals, that entail:

  • The power of diversity to discover and assess different points of views and options
  • Giving employees a high degree of autonomy and encouraging personal leadership
  • The freedom to experiment, allowing mistakes and learning from them together
  • The stimulation of working synchronously and asynchronously
  • Supporting people’s work through smart digital tools.

In short, adaptive leaders create and maintain a culture ready for the future!

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change management

Organizations are ever-changing. Moreover, those changes affect more and more people simultaneously and also the speed at which changes succeed each other is increasing. Mostly, this has to do with different initiatives happening at the same time that aren’t coordinated cohesively. Another problem is the fact that organizations don’t take enough time to really secure the one change, before they start another. By not doing so, it is hard to really obtain new behavior or a new way of working. It takes time and a lot of effort to get people to really embrace a change, or to believe in its added value, altogether.

Change is hard and requires a well-thought-out approach to really establish a new way of working and new behavior. How to make sure…

  • The new way of working is really embedded into people’s every day work lives?
  • Microsoft 365 is used smartly and effectively?
  • Working together beyond the organization’s borders is done without difficulty of effort?
  • Your employees have the digital skills apt for working in the 21st century?

We aim to help! We have a long history of developing solutions to such change management challenges. Our proven-to-be-effective approach puts people at the center of all transformations. It is all about empowering people to work together in a more effective and pleasant way and helping each other to improve every day. This is how we stimulate the self-learning power of your organization!

adoption of technology

Do you want to successfully adopt Microsoft 365, mobile devices, a new CRM system, or any other IT solution? Or do you want to increase the current usage of your software or IT systems, to meet organizational goals and strategies? Then you are up for a challenge!

That’s because it’s only natural that any introduction of change brings about resistance. Effective implementations of new digital tools not only call for learning how to use them (e.g. ‘What does this button do?’), but, more importantly, for understanding how the new technology will facilitate a new way of working more effectively together! The technology itself is just an empty tool. The key to success it to help people use it so they can organize their (team) work in the best and smartest way to really support their everyday working lives. Still, adoption of technology is the biggest stumbling block of most IT-projects. Let us help you succeed!

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